The Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG), a vehicle for members’ personal growth and interaction, serves as a forum for sharing ideas and knowledge. It is a point of connection and a prime mover for advancing members’ interests within the industry, while simultaneously maintaining an acute social awareness.

The council of the IIG devotes considerable time and effort to evolving strategies to ensure that the IIG remains relevant to the wants and needs of its members, as well as to those of the insurance industry.

Reasons to join

Communication and involvement

The IIG offers you, as a prospective member, the opportunity to meet, communicate, build relationships and network at all levels with people in our industry. We also have a monthly newsletter and a quality quarterly news magazine – The Informer – both of which are relevant and informative. As we all know, being well informed is critical in today’s complex world.


The IIG’s role in building skills for the best of all possible futures for its members is pursued by its presentation of educational seminars, business breakfasts and lectures, with prominent knowledgeable persons and captains of industry sharing their experience and wisdom with members; and by guiding prospective students to appropriate educational service providers, such as colleges and universities with qualifications endorsed by the Insurance Institute of South Africa.


Every industry strives to reach a level of professional excellence where elevated standards are maintained. Membership of the IIG is prestigious and affords members many opportunities to interact with other like-minded professionals in the industry. It also offers the privilege of access to these people on a personal level to further build your profile in the industry, in addition to your involvement with an acknowledged professional body such as the IIG.

Sport and social

We cater for the recreational requirements of our members with golf days, family sports and fun days, and birding weekends, and will do our best to organise any desired events. Our year commences with the glittering inaugural dinner/dance for the new president, and includes a midwinter bash and the highlight of our year – our Annual Dinner, attended by 1 700 people, for members and their guests.


No one wants to be left out in the cold in the competitive and rapidly changing environment we find ourselves in. Join the IIG and develop a camaraderie with thousands of people who feel the same way you do, share the same interests as you, and who are genuinely interested in you achieving the most you can in our industry.

Become a member today by calling us on 0861 INSURANCE or send an email to

Fees – 2018

Individual Membership: R 195.00 per person.

Corporate Membership:

A) 10 to 24 employees: R2 200.00
B) 25 to 250 employees: R 6 100.00
C) 251 to 500 employees : R 12 300.00
D) 501 to 750 employees : R 18 400.00
E) 751 to 1000 employees : R24 250.00
F) more than 1000 employees : R29 500.00


Honorary Membership

Please remember to forward CVs of colleagues who have served the institute for more than 40 years.