Roots & Wings 2018

What is Roots & Wings?

Roots & Wings is a unique mentorship programme proudly brought to you by the Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG), made possible by the passionate support from Insure Group and Sasria SOC.

The programme provides mentees with a competitive edge, and access to experienced and well-travelled professionals within the short-term insurance industry.

Through this programme you can tap into your mentor’s extensive experience which will help in shaping your career, giving you the best possible opportunity to succeed.

Roots & Wings will connect you with a committed mentor who is passionate about the Insurance Industry & development. The mentor will invest their time and energy to help you navigate through an ever changing and competitive industry. To ensure success, the IIG has also partnered with a trusted and professional service provider (Linda Coetzee & Associates) to assist in pairing you with a suitable mentor and guide both you and your mentor through this programme.


For the Mentees

Are you under 35 and a top performer looking for a competitive edge to take your career to greater heights?

Your IIG is looking for you!! We would like to invite you to be a part of the IIG’s Roots & WingsMentorship Programme!

We’ll take you on an exciting 6-month mentorship journey with impact, where you’ll be encouragedand challenged to push boundaries and break those glass ceilings. This is a great opportunity for accelerated personal growth and development.

How do I benefit as a mentee?

Below are some of the key take away’ s you will benefit from after completing Roots & Wings:

  • The ability to take charge of your professional career
  • Develop and improve your business acumen skills
  • Increased exposure to the industry and networking opportunities
  • Managing your work-life balance
  • Enhancing your ability to cope with career growth challenges & opportunities


For the Mentors

Are you a leader in your field, and passionate about giving back and developing the next generation of leaders in our industry? The IIG Roots & Wings mentorship programme is your solution!

Roots & Wings will provide you with a platform to connect with the selected highly dynamic young professionals who are committed to personal development and looking for career growth. Your mentee will benefit from your extensive industry insights and experiences.

What’s in it for me as a mentor?

  • Excellent opportunity to give back to the industry
  • Play an active role in shaping the future leaders of our industry
  • Satisfaction in enhancing skills in helping someone else grow
  • Opportunity to reflect on own practices & journey through sharing own experiences
  • Gain new skills through interaction with highly dynamic young professionals



Applications for Roots & Wings 2018 are unfortunately already closed and we are looking forward to share the Mentee-Mentor-pairings with you soon!